What is Network Security Monitoring (NSM)?

 NSM, The System

Network Security Monitoring Systems are software that systematically check your network traffic for anomalous and/or malicious activity. The bad guys could already be in your system. If your firewall fails to detect an intruder it could be on your network already working to escalate their privileges and leave with your sensitive information.

  The Benefits of using NSM

Many companies may believe that simply having a firewall is enough to protect your customers or your sensitive data. But have you thought about what happens if your firewall fails? In cybersecurity it is common knowledge that there is no such thing as an impenetrable defense. We say that it is not just a matter of 'if' but a matter of 'when'. Being able to see exactly who is in your network gives you the means of detecting intruders that your firewall failed to stop. 

  Installing your own NSM System can be time-consuming

Installing an NSM system is not as simple as buying an out-of-the-box software and forgetting about it. For an NSM system to be effective, it needs to be strategically placed in your network to protect your most important data. It needs to be tuned to your specific environment to avoid false alarms. It needs to be constantly updated to compete with the constantly changing threat landscape. 
We provide solutions to all of these problems and more. We assess your network, tune your system, and keep it functioning efficiently.    

 We've got you covered with technical support

After we install NSM for your business, we do not want to just leave you hanging. So we have created support packages to keep your system running in tip-top shape. Including training for your employees to create NSM and analyst workflows, we want to empower you to run your NSM system just like the experts. 

How the NSM Works


Collection is like an economy of scale. The more data you have, the more accurate your system and analysts can be. Helmsman can help you create a data collection ecosystem.


Utilising industry-leading detection techniques and workflows based around collected data, your system will be able to detect even the most sneaky attackers. The aggregated data from many different sources allows the system to create stronger detection mechanisms.


Potential attacks can be treated like a crime scene to be investigated. NSM systems track both the source and the destination of breaches to give you the big picture analysis!


Get alerted of compromise FAST. Why wait until it is too late? Get alerted in real time as the system works.
Knowing when and where an attacker is inside your network is the difference between prevention and postmortem. 

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