Helmsman Information Security

24/7 Detection, Total Protection

You know who comes in and out of your building.
But do you know who comes in and out of your network?

Why you need a Security Operations Center

  Attackers with enough determination can penetrate any network
  An attacker can exist in your network undetected for an average of 6 months
  Attackers will steal information and hold you hostage

Why You Need Helmsman

SOC Deployment

Having a network security monitoring system in place is like having a detective watch your network traffic 24/7. 

Meaningful Collection

Analytics are collected and organised to aid in future detection effectiveness creating
an ever-progressing detection system.

Tailored Detection

Detection specifically tailored to protect your most valuable information.

Big picture Analysis

Monitoring your network can go beyond the individual threats of the present and look to the past for the bigger picture. 


An ounce is worth more than a pound of cure. A preventative approach to security threats can save you lots in the log run.

Deployment and Technical Support


Full deployment of a network security monitoring grid.

Technical Support

Already have a network security monitoring grid up and running? We offer a wide range of technical support packages. Click below to request pricing details.

Deployment + Tech Support

Full deployment of a network security monitoring grid as well as comprehensive tech support to keep you totally protected.