We are the cyber security helmsman helping you protect your business !

Our Vision

Our vision is to partner with Australian businesses to empower them to combat cybercrime by providing uninterrupted, protective data monitoring systems and customer training, while practicing an apprenticeship strategy for individuals who need work-experience, on-the-job training, or flexible remote work environment.

Our Goal

Helmsman Information Security’s goal is to provide a Threat-Centric Defense network security monitoring systems for small to medium sized enterprises. 

What we value

Our values are simple: You, Your business, Your network, and safe network environment in Australia

Our Virtues

We want you to observe these from us


Strong moral principles of transparency and honesty are the foremost priority in keeping our customers’ sensitive information safe.

We manage security monitoring deployment with transparency by communicating our processes clearly and provide technical support to help customers use the system without confusion.


Helmsman can confidently provide a higher quality of network monitoring systems.
Helmsman aims to guide you into creating a network monitoring system that is precise and works effectively in your environment.
Why do so many companies have security problems? It is because most companies take a reactive approach to security threats. But by then, it is already too late. Defenses are not 100% impenetrable. It is valuable to know when a breach is happening in real time so that you can take measures to mitigate it.


Commitment and communication among team members is important. We thrive by encouraging learning and challenging. We have multiple team members working together seamlessly to create a single client experience. We cannot emphasize the importance of teamwork enough.
We believe that a close-knit and continually trained team translates to efficiency.


At Helmsman, we foster an environment of continual learning so that our team’s knowledge is held firmly on the pulse of the technology industry.
We believe the success of our team members brings the success of our company. We reward team members who show excellency in their jobs and encourage them to share their experience with others.

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